Funeral flowers are the element that cannot be missing at a funeral. Have you ever wondered why the deceased are said goodbye with flowers? Where does that tradition come from? Are there types of flowers more appropriate for funerals?

If you are curious about everything related to funeral flowers, we are going to explain it to you without further ado flowers funeral.

In this article we will see the reasons why flowers are placed on the dead, which are the most common funeral flowers and why those are used and not others.

Why are flowers placed on the dead?
Flowers on graves seem like a relatively new custom but that is not the case. Flowers have been discovered in tombs from the late Paleolithic period, about 13,000 years ago.

The habit of placing flowers on the dead is due to the fact that the aroma of the flowers neutralizes the smell of the body in the process of decomposition . Now this does not make sense due to the body preservation techniques that exist in funeral homes. However, this custom persists today.

The floral arrangement for funerals has evolved a lot. Nowadays it is an art. There are professionals dedicated to working with flowers who prepare centrepieces, crosses, bouquets and wreaths for funerals . The funeral wreath is the most used today.

What are the most common funeral flowers?
Funeral floral art includes many types of flowers, among which the following stand out: Chrysanthemums, roses, carnations, gladioli and lilies . Let’s get to know these funeral flowers or wreaths a little more.

The chrysanthemum is a symbol of All Saints’ Day (November 1). The period in which it blooms is from October to December, coinciding with that day. This short flowering time also symbolizes the ephemerality of life . These were originally the reasons for their presence in cemeteries.

Currently, the chrysanthemums used are grown in greenhouses and we have them throughout the year. They have various shapes and colors. In modern floral art for funerals, daisies also stand out in this funeral bouquet, which belong to the same family as the chrysanthemum.

White roses mean innocence. The same bouquets of flowers in pink express appreciation and gratitude. Red roses express love and respect. Sometimes red roses are placed on the coffins. This is done when the relationship with the deceased is close .

The carnation is one of the most popular funeral flowers. They express admiration for the deceased, a tribute to his person and everything he meant to his loved ones .

The gladiolus is the flower of sincerity, strength, honor, memories and affection . In Roman times, victorious gladiators were given this flower as a gift. It is widely used in funeral wreaths due to the elegance provided by its long stems.

The lilium is a set of floral species. Among them are lilies and lilies , very present at funerals.

This type of white condolence flowers are a symbol of purity and innocence , in this case of the soul. A pure and innocent soul will be worthy of God’s favor, which is what family and friends wish for the deceased, especially in the Christian tradition.

In addition to these flowers that we have just described, many of the floral arrangements for funerals contain a background made with different types of green leaves , which gives a more respectful image to the whole.

Although we have the idea of ​​a funeral as something negative, we have seen that the most common flowers at funerals have a positive meaning . We say goodbye to a loved person, but that doesn’t mean we stop wishing them the best or remembering them with all the love and consideration they deserve.

Now that you know a lot more about funeral flowers , we hope you feel more confident when choosing the right floral arrangement. I hope you have to do it a few times.

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