US Version Plantronics GameCom777 Gaming Headset

This is Gamecom777 Plantronics introduced in 2009 top game headset looks tough atmosphere, according to military-grade solid and reliable design, open design does not affect exchanges and teammates, velvet ear full of big parcels comfortable to wear, 40mm speaker, USB sound card with Dolby-certified 7.1-channel can be simulated, USB drive-free sound design plug and play, hidden design of the noise-canceling microphone noise reduction, with remote control can adjust the volume and mute the microphone, this headset called Plantronics. Plantronics for classic games headphones, in CS game multiplayer precise positioning, known as CS artifact for the pursuit of the players the ultimate experience while watching movies or listening to music when the sound field momentum, low frequency heavy have expected, for listening to rock music style, it can also be used for PC use on PS3.  Plantronics Wireless Headset

US Amazon Cheap US $ 39.99, 3-5 days delivery, credit card purchase discount contracts by transport company 310 yuan, the purchase method may refer to this specific overseas purchase Raiders . Domestic B2C offer about 600-800 yuan, second-hand bulk without USB sound card Taobao also 200 yuan. Thanks to “cold wind”, broke the news.  Office headsets