While remote access keys in Denver, CO are convenient, you may be wondering how safe they are. With these smart keys, you simply press a button to unlock your car door, and as long as you have your key in the proximity of the vehicle, the car will start. Seems like a pretty simple process, but if you can access your car with the click of a button, are you leaving yourself open to car theft? Let’s look more closely at these cutting-edge keys.

The security of a remote access key

Today’s smart keys or remote access keys in Denver, CO may be safer than you think. In order for your vehicle to start and open the doors, it needs to recognize the exact key that the vehicle was sold with. The key and the vehicle create a match that allows the doors to open and the vehicle to start when activated. flatratelocknkey-denver.com

Because these smart keys use a rolling numerical code, it is quite unlikely for the match to be duplicated by another key set. The code is verified by your car’s computer before it will allow you to open the door or turn on the engine. Some vehicle manufacturers have taken this technology one step further by adding encrypted computer chips to the key for an added level of protection.

Preventing car theft

It is important to note that you shouldn’t leave your remote access keys in locksmith service Denver CO where someone else could get them and access your car. This would include leaving them in your vehicle when you run into a store or gas station, as it only takes a thief a minute to get into your car. Be sure to lock your doors at all times, and never leave your car running, as a thief could just jump in and drive away in an instant.

You may also want to install a GPS system to track your vehicle if it is ever stolen. This could help you recover the vehicle in a shorter amount of time, and hopefully with significantly less damage. Other options to deter thieves include equipping your vehicle with an immobilizer system that prevents the vehicle from starting if someone were to try and hotwire it. It is also recommended that you not leave valuables in your car where they can be seen, thus tempting thieves to break into your car.

While car thieves are a slick bunch and may come up with technology to break these codes, you can rest assured that car manufacturers will come up with an even more advanced technology to thwart these vehicle break-ins.

Ultimately, using remote access keys in Denver, CO to access your car is a safe way to operate your vehicle, and in most instances it can also deter vehicle theft and break-ins. For locksmith services that involve smart keys contact Bowles Locksmith Service. We offer residential, commercial and automotive lock and key services to customers in the Denver area, and stay on top of the latest advances in key technology in order to provide our customers with the best possible service.

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