Movavi Photo Editor is your one-stop tool to replace photo backgrounds

Are you unhappy with the backgrounds of your recently clicked snaps? Do you think a different background could have rendered a better dramatic effect? Well, a lot of times we end up with photos with unwanted backdrops. Now, nothing to freak out! Leading software developer Movavi has come up with a state of the art photo editing program that can also act as a great   background remover. It’s extremely easy to use and within minutes you can have a cool background to replace the existent mundane backdrop of your clicks.

Here is a brief on how to use Movavi Photo Editor to remove background of your image.

Download & install

First, you will download & install Movavi Photo Editor in your system.

Add your image

Click on Browse for Images & bring the desired photo on Movavi timeline.

Remove background

We have reached at the main phase of our process.

Open the tab named “Change Background”. Select the element that you have to remove from image background. Foreground Brush is your tool here. Then, mark your image background with Background Brush. Now, click on Selection Eraser to erase out the marked area. For a more precise result, Lasso tool will be handy. A nifty marquee selection will pop up around your marked object. After you have fixed the borders, click on Next Step.

Use Foreground Mask to smoothen edges. Then, use Background Mask to trace the areas that you wish to remove. Click on Next Step.

Now, you will find your image with a transparent clear background, waiting to be layered with a background of your choice. Now, just go to Add Image tab. It will help you to choose an image from your computer folder. Click on Upload to select the photo and bring it on the background of your image. If you don’t have a background image in your computer folder, you can choose a one from Movavi library. Finally click on Apply to schedule the changes.

Save your image

Click on Save tab and choose a desired photo format. Movavi Photo Editor will convert the photo in the chosen format and save it.

Important features of Movavi Photo Editor:

  • Renders professional touch to photos in minutes
  • Able to remove unwanted backgrounds and undesired objects from pictures
  • Able to apply apply special effects to photos
  • Corrects different imperfections on photos for a pro make-over
  • Able to straighten, crop & flip images

Useful tips for users

  • You can use Hair Selection tab to refine fine details like grass wisps or hair strands.
  • If you don’t want to add any image on the photo background, jazz up the area with a solid contrast color.