This article  aims to be a guide so that you can improve your physique and your health as much as possible  (or at least not lose your health during the process of improving your physique, something that happens in women more than we think),  but not it is.

In the article together the scientific evidence and experience, but it is you who will have to know how to assess your current situation (something that as you will see is more complicated than it seems), correctly apply the tips or guidelines that I mention here, and above all value if those tips or guidelines are necessary in your current situation diet pills for women.

What do I mean?

Well, a recommendation is not good per se, it is good when it takes into account the circumstances and other important variables, so here without knowing your situation I will “launch recommendations on the air”. Some will serve you, some will not.

For example, some time ago I made a video on my YouTube channel talking about an error that many women often make. The error in question and in summary is to eat very little, and exercise a lot, which ends up worsening the hormonal environment and making it more difficult to lose fat.

Therefore, my recommendation for those specific cases is to increase carbohydrates and reduce physical activity, prioritizing weight training.

Now, imagine that a woman who is consuming too many calories and carbohydrates applies this recommendation because it underestimates her caloric intake. The result? A disaster.

Key points that must be clear

Before talking about training and nutrition in women in order to improve body composition, it is necessary to make clear several key points.

You do not learn this part by reading studies, you learn it by working with women, seeing what their fears, worries are, and in what mistakes they tend to fall.

–  The weight does not matter. Yes, it has been repeated many times, but it is not clear. Focus on reducing your body fat percentage, forget about the scale now.

–  Do not be afraid to eat, being afraid to eat leads to failure. You will lose your health and you will not get a defined body, the goal is long-term, always.

– Omit most of the external advice, and do not follow the Instagram Fitness models,  marketing is very powerful and the Fitness industry moves a lot of money , if you want to have a defined and aesthetic body you do not have to do 200 repetitions of ridiculous exercises ,  you have to train heavy and with intensity .

– Forget about magical uplings that do not work. In another article we will talk about supplements that do work, and how to use them.

If you want to improve your physique and your health, you must have all these points in mind.

Valuing the starting point, and the objective

“No wind is favorable for those who do not know where it is going.” – Seneca

Before considering any kind of nutritional strategy to lose fat or improve our physique, we  must assess the starting point and our objective .

This point is very, very important.

In many cases many women aim to lose body fat, without losing, lose and lose fat, but never reaches the body you seek.

Why? Well, because there is no muscle mass underneath, it’s that simple.

And if we add to this the fear of eating, the possibility of winning or even maintaining the low muscle mass you already have is drastically reduced, and of course, the training does not help either, many repetitions, little weight and not recommended exercises.

Therefore, once we know all this, the first point is to calculate our body fat percentage.

The second point is to assess whether we have to perform volume or definition first, perhaps it is necessary to gain some muscle mass and then perform a small definition stage, as I said at the beginning of the article, you will have to assess your current situation, and this is something really complicated, having a critical eye with oneself is difficult.

Nutrition to improve body composition and performance in women

At this point, and having already assessed our current situation and our objective, we only have to plan how to reach it.

The woman has a greater difficulty to lose fat , and evolutionarily it makes sense, this allowed the woman to have a greater probability of surviving in times of scarcity, which would ensure the survival of the species.

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