Diet for men

Diet for men to burn fat

Due to the differences between the male and female metabolism, the women’s body eliminates excess fat faster through exercises, while for men it is easier to get rid of fat and lose weight with the help of a diet. It is strange that the diets blogs are more oriented to women than to men.

However, excessively low-calorie diets and restricted consumption of saturated fats have a negative effect on testosterone levels in men. The result of these diets will be, not the reduction of fat levels, but the decrease in libido and body weight due to the loss of muscle mass Best Fat Burners.

How to eliminate the belly?

The fat that men accumulate in the lower abdomen and lower back is in itself a reservoir of energy, which will only begin to be used and burned only when the calories from food have been exhausted. You should not stop eating to achieve this: you only need to consume 20% less than the total recommended calories per day.

This is precisely the most difficult thing in men’s diets: they tend not to feel the amount of calories they consume and end up eating by gluttony, promoting the growth of fat in the abdomen. In addition, men overestimate the number of calories they burn during exercise and underestimate the calories contained in food.

Conditions conducive to weight loss and fat burning

A successful weight loss consists of gradually converting your daily habits into a diet to burn fat. Counting calories from the first day will cause you to leave the project after 2 weeks. During the first month it is important to learn to “listen” to the signals of the body, especially the one that you send when you no longer need more food.

  1. Breakfast and lunch: the main intakes. The main cause of overweight and belly is that people get used to not having breakfast and then, after going hungry all morning, eat gluttony at noon and therefore dinner is taken very late, almost before sleep. Educate your body to wake up a little earlier and have a generous and balanced breakfast.
  2. Restore the consumption of carbohydrates at night. If your last meal of the day consists of puree, bread, a sweet drink and cookies, you are providing your body with the calories that most promote the growth of the belly. The dish indicated at night consists of a fish or meat low in fat accompanied by a green salad or vegetables cooked and seasoned with olive oil.
  3. Avoid the consumption of candy. Due to the excess of empty calories in sweet foods and the sugary products of the bakeries, these quickly awaken a feeling of hunger after being consumed, causing that later on to eat even more food. The good news is that eliminating the consumption of these foods is easier for men than for women.
  4. Learn to feel when you are satisfied. The buffets and the “all-inclusive” vacation plans are the number one enemies of any flat abdomen and defined body. Get used to eating a standard portion of food, do not overdo it or wait to feel “popping” to stop eating: the feeling of fullness takes 20 minutes to reach the brain.
  5. Train in the gym . Losing weight and burning fat in the abdomen region is simple. However, the difficult thing is to start and return the physical condition to the body, since the latter has become accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle. If your desire is to feel like 25 years, the workouts in the gym will not only help you tone muscles, but also to produce hormones, whose highest levels are observed during adolescence.

Exercises to lose weight fast

Running for 2 hours a day will ensure that you lose weight, but only because you will not have time to eat. Actually, cardiovascular exercises do not burn more than 500-800 Kcal per hour. However, to burn the calories contained in a chip package, you should run more than 11 km .

Diet is the most effective option to lose weight. This does not mean to stop eating sausages, mayonnaise or other sauces and start eating only non-fat yogurt for a certain period of time. The diet should be seen as a study and assessment of their eating habits. Otherwise, the fat you lose during a period of diet will return.

Diet for sportsmen

Any diet to increase the volume of muscle mass does not consist in decreasing the calorie consumption, but on the contrary increasing the number of calories coming from the indicated food. This does not mean that you should fill up on those toasts that women consume so much, but give priority to dairy products and quality meats.

If you can, hire a personalized coach who has knowledge about nutrition during your first month of training. This person should not only plan their routine to burn fat and get the muscles to grow, but also make a feeding plan. You will be amazed with the results that a professional can help you achieve.