At some point in life nearly everyone has to deal with pain that interferes with daily activities and undermines the feeling of well being. It can be from arthritis, a broken arm, a chronic disease such as lupus or cancer, or migraine headaches; the pain can – and often does – come from sports injuries, especially those left untreated at first. The causes of pain are too numerous and varied to list, but one thing that’s true about all pain is that you want it gone, as soon as possible.

Whether the pain is temporary or chronic, problems arising from the use of prescribed or over-the-counter commercial medications are almost as numerous as the types of pain they are supposed to relieve. Even if they work, there are often side effects that force the patient to choose between living with constant pain or taking a medication that may leave them with stomach upsets, dizziness, fatigue, the inability to drive or other debilitating conditions. And dealing with these problems added to the existing pain puts an extra burden on an already suffering patient.

An effective alternative option is now available. Compounding pharmacies offer a very different, personalized approach to pain relief and pain management, and the Absolute Pharmacy Compounding Pharmacy in Austell, GA, which serves the nine Comprehensive Pain Management (CPM) centers in the Atlanta area, is ready to help you.

Each compounded prescription is tailored specifically for the each individual patient and his/her needs. With a compounding pharmacist working with your pain management doctor, you can find the pain relief you’ve been seeking both from the primary pain and from the potentially adverse side effects of commercial medications.

If you take a regular prescription that doesn’t work for you or creates problems, it’s a long and difficult process to try to change or replace it with another medication that might be a better fit. But the wide range of available forms of compounded medications removes the obstacles to successful treatment with the ability to make or change your prescription into the form that works best for you.

For example, if a prescribed pill upsets your stomach, your compounding pharmacist can make up a topical gel, a nasal spray or a suppository to bypass your stomach. Compounded medicines can also be made up to be used for injections. And if you have to take multiple medications, the compounding pharmacist is often able to combine those medications into a single pill or other delivery system, making taking your medications a much simpler process.

Keeping and remaining ahead of pain is an attainable goal when you use compounded medications. And the Absolute Pharmacy Compounding Pharmacy in Austell is ready to help you and your doctor devise a personal plan for your specific pain and your individual needs.

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