What Are The Causes Of Hair Loss In Women?

Hair loss is something frustrating to many women. This is because many ladies believe that their beauty lies in the hair. It is something that frames them and makes them look beautiful. Most women who don’t have enough hair on their head tend to be shy. They get embarrassed on the way they look. If you are experiencing hair loss, it is time you know what causes it and act fast to curb the same. Hair loss can occur at any age.

Female pattern baldness is one of the reasons for hair loss in women. Even though baldness is common among men, it is very possible for women to suffer from this condition. Most women have male genes and hormones in their body that will affect the amount of testosterone getting into the hair. When this occurs, hair loss is the result. Female baldness is not as severe as that of men, but in extreme cases is can lead to large amount of hair loss.

Another major reason that leads to hair loss in women is trauma. Women who have undergone severe trauma will tend to have less hair on their head. These ladies are susceptible to hair loss. Women who have lost their loved ones or those who undergo some form of abuse have less hair. If you lack money or you are worried about some personal problems, then there are high chances of losing hair. Stress that comes from trauma has been linked to hair loss. Tension and stress are known to interfere with the normal hair growth in women.

Alopecia Areata is another factor that has been attributed to hair loss. Women who have a weak immune system are likely to suffer from alopecia areata. This is an infection that will result to hair loss. It is characterized patches of missing hair on the head of a woman. In some women, the hair can regrow without any help while in others the help of a physician will be needed. There are medical personnel who have specialized in handling such situations. Making use of them will see your hair grow normally.

Some women are suffering from hair loss due to frequent use hair dye. Not all hair dye products that are available in the market are good for use. Some of these products can have adverse effects on the body. Some of the products that are available in the market have been laced with toxic chemicals that will burn your hair leading to its loss. Excessive teasing of the hair is another reason for hair loss. Those women who tease their hair for long put it at risk of breaking and falling out. The chemicals in the hair dye will see you lose some of your precious hair. When buying these chemicals, check the reviews to know what other clients are saying about given products before you buy. Effective dyes are the ones made purely of natural ingredients. These ones will ensure your hair is taken care of.

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