Buy Instagram Comments: 5 tips to use Instagram in the promotion of events in your church

With 200 million active users every month, Instagram has quickly become one of the main platforms of social networks. Here are five tips we can offer you to buy instagram comments:

  1. Use #EventName

Each time you select a name for a particular event, use it as a label as well. Use a short and consistent name with the event to be performed. Check if this label is already in use for a different purpose. It is important to use an original tag or, otherwise, your “tuiter” may mix with other groups unrelated to your event or church.

For example, if it is a party in honor of the families of the church, you could use a label like #Fiestafam. If it is an annual party, add the year: # FiestaFam14. Once you have uploaded the photos of the event, always add the label and remind people to tag their photos. This will help users to see quickly, all the photos of your event.

  1. Provide images suitable to Instagram

When sending emails promoting your photos, attach an image that has a square format, as they look great on Instagram. Ask people to spread the word, to help them circulate and invite them to incorporate the images they have taken at the event, under the respective label.

  1. Make a photo contest on Instagram

Ask everyone to share their Instagram images with the contest label. Let them know that the authors of the best photos will receive prizes. We suggest the following categories:

  • The creation of God (nature)
  • Portraits
  • Selfie (self-portraits)
  • The realities of your community.
  • The cultural diversity of your neighborhood
  • The funniest image
  • The best photographic effects
  • Sports and Action
  • The best images of the Temple (inside and out)
  1. Make a “meme”

The “memes” are ideas, concepts, situations, expressions and thoughts disseminated in any type of virtual medium (links, videos, texts, images and any type of multimedia resource), which is entertaining or useful and that is distributed on the network, through forums, websites and any other mass diffuser.

The photos you have seen on the networks with phrases or words that are contagious and easy to remember, are “memes”. Make a meme for your event or program. You just have to look up the term “meme generator” on Instagram. They all have different characteristics to choose from.

  1. Create a slideshow on Instagram.

Once people are using the tag, several products will allow you to automatically display the images in a slide show. “” is a great free tool that will do just that. If you want more control, including the ability to approve the images before they go live on the screen, you can use a tool such as “Eventagram” or “Instafeed live”.