Having a pet dog or cat in your life is having a family member that you care for and look after. You ensure that they get the best food and do not get sick. Their happiness is vital for you. Hence, focusing towards the natural instincts of pets to cuddle into small enclosed spaces, BedHug has introduced burrow blankets.

Burrow blankets are a type of pet bed covers that are adjusted on to your pet beds, creating a comfortable space for your pet to cuddle into and relax. One thing that is unique about Bed Hug is that with every purchase, they contribute towards pet shelters.

It is highly important to give your pet what it desires and cats and dogs are always on the lookout of small spaces where they can squeeze into and feel safe. The burrow blankets provide the same kind of protection along with being extremely comfortable due to the way that they are made.

These pet bed covers are used easily. All you have to do is adjust them onto your pet bed and instantly it creates a cozy space for your dog or cat. BedHug aims to provide your pet with the comfort that it requires through these burrow blankets. This is why you should not wait and order yours to ensure the security that your pet craves for.

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