7 tips to choose a safe

If you have valuables at home and you go on a long trip, you can use a safe to store them and prevent them from being stolen. There is a wide variety of models of safe deposit boxes that will be very useful for safekeeping documents, money or valuables. At the same time that they will be protected from any theft, you will prevent them from spoiling in a domestic accident safesreview.com.

When choosing a safe you must take into account a number of details, such as the use that will be given, the size you need and the budget you have, key factors when making the decision. So if you want to store family photos or official documents such as passports or valuables, a safe would be the solution.

7 tips to choose a safe

  1. Choose an approved and certified safe. This must follow the UNE-EN 1143-1 standard by AENOR or, at least, comply with the EN 14450 standard to guarantee a higher safety index.


  1. Think of the place where you want to place it . If you do not mind doing a small work at home, you should choose a built-in safe. If it is not possible, choose a surface and look for a good place to hide it. The idea is to hide it in an area that has little light so that when it is opened, its interior cannot be seen clearly.


Avoid installing it in bedrooms, since it is the first place where you would look for a thief. According to the police, the cacos tend to take lightweight objects, so a safe of more than 30 kg empty becomes an unattractive booty to be carried.


  1. Choose your box according to the size of the objects to be stored. Depending on what you want to protect, the size of the safe you need depends on it.


  1. Value the level of security you need. If you already have protection measures at home such as alarms, video surveillance, etc., you will not need a high security box. So choose the appropriate degree of protection depending on the different security methods you have installed in your home.


  1. Take into account the strength of the box. If you plan to place the safe in a place where it can be affected by a broken pipe or a flood, such as the basement, choose one that is water resistant. In the same way, if you want to protect your most precious objects from possible fires, certified fireproof boxes can protect them. Decide for one or the other depending on what you want to protect, since some elements withstand heat better than others.


  1. Choose the opening system according to the use you give to the box. There are some types of locks that will save you time:

Electronics: its opening system is activated by a numeric key on a keyboard. When operating with batteries, it is advisable to include a complementary method of opening, such as a key or other electrical connection. It is easy to access and fast.

Mechanical: it is done manually and can be with key, numerical combinations or even both. It is usually more laborious and slower access to your interior.


  1. Do not spend more than necessary. The price of the boxes is directly proportional to their quality and degree of security. The expense of a significant amount in a safe must be considered an investment that will have a long-term impact on the safety of the objects you want to safeguard. In addition, they usually last practically all of life.

You can find models of built-in or surface safes. There are different sizes and prices that suit all pockets. Its installation is simple; it must be placed in an unpredictable place with poor visibility.

So you can decide on the one that best suits your needs, I explain the different safes that are available:

Surface safe: does not require installation and is classified as medium / high security. Simply place them inside a drawer or cabinet. There are small size and even wardrobe size.

Flush-mounted box: it requires a small installation, but its security level is high. In case of theft, thieves should force the door in situ. If you are interested in placing one in your home, in this bricopedia you will learn how to embed a safe.

Armorer: this box is a larger size to guard weapons. We would catalog them as high security and most are long and heavy.

Safe: it  is a small and light box of low security. It is used to place money and is transportable. Its lock, in general, works with key.