Superfoods Do we Know What They Are And What They Are For?

The Superfood, Super Food or as they are usually called “superfoods”, are all those that by their nature, can play an additional role to feed. They provide a lot of nutrients per serving. Also pigments, antioxidants, oligoelements, active phytochemicals, etc.

Apart from their own food use, for millennia they have been used by humans from different parts of the world, to heal the body and the mind. They may even have come to be considered medicine for them Amazing Grass review.

They can be eaten fresh or they can be purchased ecologically processed to add to the diet. The advantage is that with small amounts great benefits are brought to the body.

Superfoods for excellent health

All this tendency of the western world towards superfoods or Superfood is given as a response to the quality of our diet. Not only is it low, but there are eating habits in our society that are borderline on self-destruction.

We are aware that we eat badly and yet we have become addicted to opening cans or boxes of precooked food, to take food out of the freezer, to call a Chinese pizza restaurant to have it delivered. Sometimes we also enjoy going with friends to a Burger or one of those restaurants with Wi-Fi, franchises so chic that they abound.

This, of course, is generalizing, because there are people responsible with their body and adhere to the healthy diet, taking care of what they put in their mouths. Even these people have little control over the provenance and real quality of their fresh foods. Food is no longer what it should be. Any element of consumption is subject to manipulation to expand profits.

What do we eat when we eat correctly?

Fruits and vegetables that ripen in cold chambers for months, losing most of their nutrients. Food that, in addition to that, has gone through stages of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, products that necessarily pass to their molecules and that we then eat. Meat foods with important antibiotic content so they grow faster. Cattle fed with feed and hormones in order to fatten and retain water and consequently weigh more, etc.

Therefore, even if you are aware that you eat poorly or belong to people who eat well and care about your health, it is not a bad idea to know the superfoods and introduce them into the day to day. Moreover, it is not a bad idea to supplement the diet with high quality superfoods, which guarantee its origin.

Are superfoods the solution for serious diseases?

Of course it is not the solution. And there is no need to say that they are not the miracle that everything heals. But they come to remedy many deficiencies that in the long run, will certainly produce diseases. Superfoods are complements that come to provide what the body requires and is not given, and has to learn to live without it as it can. In addition to all this, many of them contribute important assets with specific actions.

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