Super Foods? What Are They And What Are They For?

The term super food began to be heard around the nineties and little by little this world trend is expanding more and more in Costa Rica.

A superfood or superfood  is a special category of foods found in nature; They are 100% natural and many of them millenarian (seeds, tubers, dried roots, herbs, algae, etc.). They carry the name super foods because in small quantities they contain a huge density of nutrients, in addition to few calories. They are superior sources of antioxidants and essential nutrients Green Superfood Powder Reviews.

The super foods are an excellent and effective way to nourish and detoxify our body. They are ideal to prevent or treat diseases, stay fit and energized, detoxify the body, strengthen your immune system, and prolong longevity by providing nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, and are very easy to absorb.

They can be found in supermarkets, organic and farmer’s fairs, or through private and macrobiotic companies. It is always important to buy those that are certified as organic and make sure they are in their purest form, raw and from reliable sources.

There are many super foods that are more familiar to us, such as green leafy vegetables, seeds (almonds), avocados, beans and vegetables, strawberries and berries, quinoa, broccoli, bitter chocolate, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, green tea, egg, salmon, sweet potato, acai, mulberries, among others.

However, there is a list of “more exotic” superfoods that probably do not sound so familiar, some of which we explain below.

  1. Cocoa: it is probably the most antioxidant food in the world; It provides iron, vitamin C and fatty acids that keep the central nervous system healthy. It has antiseptic properties, regulates blood sugar and strengthens the cardiovascular system.


  1. Spirulina: it is a unicellular alga, loaded with proteins that help strengthen the immune system. Its use as a food source dates from the ninth century and it is believed that it began to be used by the Aztecs in the sixteenth century.

It is one of the natural sources with more protein; contains 21 of the 23 essential amino acids in almost ideal proportion, which include tryptophan (antidepressant) and phenylalanine (feeling of satiety). It also has a large amount of essential acids and is the richest natural source of vitamin B12.

Other benefits are: maintain a good level of cholesterol and blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, relieves the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, decreases the toxic effect on the kidneys caused by heavy metals and combined with selenium may have an anticarcinogenic effect .

For its many vitamins, minerals and proteins, spirulina was declared by UNESCO as the food of the millennium.

  1. Maca: this root comes from Peru and will ensure that it has energy throughout the day, which is why it is widely used by athletes. It has been used for centuries in the Andes to increase fertility. It contains minerals, vitamins (such as B), enzymes and amino acids; and it is applied a lot to correct hormonal problems (premenstrual syndrome and menopause).

Maca works as an adaptogen, which means that it responds individually to the different needs of each organism.

  1. Wheatgrass or wheatgrass: lowers blood pressure, cleanses the blood, stimulates metabolism and is used to treat tumors, obesity and indigestion. It helps to alkalize the body, has anti-cancer properties and can be consumed to relieve internal pains. Its benefits are lost when heating or cooking it, that’s why it is added to juices or shakes in a raw form.
  2. Chlorella: according to Japanese scientists this green alga can reduce body fat and blood glucose. Cleanses the body of toxic substances, increases energy and improves digestion.
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