Stairlift Chairs: When is The Right Time to Install Them?

From Centaurus Rete Italia, your elevator installation company in Madrid, we recommend installing a stairlift at the time when you find yourself with the need to eliminate architectural barriers. With the passage of time, for some people, simple stairs become an insurmountable obstacle. At the moment in which you find yourself with this situation, you should not wait any longer and make a quick, safe and effective installation. Whether at home or in your business, a dilemma can arise when deciding which of the available accessibility solutions is best suited to your situation. An elevator? Better a platform? A stairlift? Quiet, here we clarify your doubts.


Every day the installation of stairlifts in communities and homes becomes more frequent. This type of assembly is always a wise choice. The objective of these elevators is to guarantee the mobility of any person who has some type of disability, or who, as a result of age, has some difficulty when going up and down stairs. These lifting platforms are characterized by the fact that they are specially designed for all those people who depend on a wheelchair to move around. However, for people who do not suffer from any type of disability, the right time to resort to them comes when they can still walk by themselves, but the fact of going up or down stairs can be very difficult or even dangerous (MONTASCALE PER ANZIANI).


They present the advantage of independence, since they do not require the assistance of a second person so that the user can benefit from its management.

The most recent models of stairlifts take up very little space.

It can be attached to any type of stairway, even the most sinuous, without any type of modification of the walls and an increase in the stairwell.

They are designed for large stairs and to transport people of different weight and height.

All models of stairlifts are equipped with safety mechanisms and manual drives. These get the passenger to have a reliable and comfortable driving.

They can be mounted directly on the steps, lowering the cost of the installation and, furthermore, their use does not require any authorization or license.

Its installation does not imply any change in the electrical system, since a normal outlet that allows the charging of the battery is sufficient.

Operation is guaranteed, even in case of power failure. This is achieved through the use of long-lasting rechargeable batteries.

They also offer a series of security systems that, when activated, impede the functionality of the machine, making the system unusable for children and unauthorized persons.


At Centaurus Rete Italia, our goal is to adapt to your needs with our best disposition and service. We eliminate any architectural barrier by elevators, elevators, platforms, stair climbers, ramps, etc. Do you have any questions about how to install a stairlift? Do you need more information about vertical lifts? Would you like us to advise you on the installation and help for stair lifts? The installation of elevators in Madrid has a name, Centaurus Rete Italia. Contact us! Ask us for an estimate without commitment for your stair lift or elevator.

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