Something About Brain History

But how does all of the neurological research indicate that we use up to 7% brain capacity and that its evolution has been over for more than 100 millennia?

The miraculous figure 7….. One of the hypotheses of the scientists is that in the brain there is a “mass” of neurons – a pre-existing matter of the evolutionary “explosion” that produced intelligence. This “table”, now composed of approx. 93% of the total number of neurons that make up the human brain defined, long ago, the intelligence of the hominids. In other words, only a limited number of neurons (about 7% of the total number of the current human brain) are responsible for the human intelligence of today. A series of convergent factors that produced evolution led to an accelerated increase in the size of the complexity of the human hominids. At that time the first Homo sapiens appeared….

Then the critical mass of intelligent neurons was reached, and then the only evolution that remained for the new species was a qualitative one. Wake Up! What can we do with the gray matter that stays in vain? If most neurologists have agreed that brain development, from the point of view of intellectual capacity, is completed, there is no consensus on the use of sleeping neurons in developing other capacities.

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