NetNeutrality: How to Stay Open – An Interview With Severin Kaempfer

Our internet is based on the idea, that every data-packet gets transmitted, as fast as it can physically be. Last year, the FCC has removed NetNeutrality rules for the American Internet Providers, so it`s possible now, that providers get payed for priority speed or for an site removal. Its a fact, that the internet and what we see on it, matters to the change of the world. Thanks to the internet, Obama and Trump, were able to get the most powerfullest persons on this beautiful planet. Today, people are using the internet whenever they have to take a decision, to say it in other words: What people see, is creating their opinion!.

What can happen without a strong NetNeutrality?

Without NetNeutrality, providers are allowed to block web-pages or slow them down, the problem with that is, that no one is able to control, whats blocked and whats not. Companies could block negative reviews about them self, they could block the pages of political campaigns. One of the base rights in any democracy is, that anyone is allowed to view any media-content, news-content and other information, as long as that content is legal. Anyone can now control what people see and how fast they can see it. Its possible, that an internet-provider is not happy about that what I said in this interview, so they could just slow down this article or if they are really angry, they could just block it. Now you may think, that this is not to bad, because it would be easy to find out, that a site is blocked. But it`s not, if you just visit big websites and news-sites, this may be true, the situation is more a problem for little websites, new comers and new content. Because new things, are new, their not as recognized as big sites and content that is up for an long time, so if the providers would use an algorithm to search content, that is not good for their business, the could just block this new content before anyone else was able to read it. And anyone can block the content of anyone, just by giving some bucks to a handful of providers. I am really lucky, I`m living in Switzerland, where the internet is free, but this could change. No NetNeutrality means:

  • No open press & information in the internet
  • The rich can control what we see
  • uncontrollable censorship

How to get access to the open internet?

A lot of people think that they could just use an VPN or Tor to get access to the open internet, but I think, that the next step of the provider is going to be, an block against uncontrolled VPN Services and they are going to try to block Tor. Because it would be possible to access the open internet using an VPN, but this would mean, that companies would stop to pay the providers for priority service, because the costumers could just use an VPN. Of course it would take a lot of time and work to block Tor, because they use a lot of entry points (IP`s of the first relay), but there are no infinite relays, so it would be easy to block tor, but it would take a lot of time. Public VPN-Services would be senseless, because they need to advertise when they want to get a lot of users and the providers will hear that and are going to react with an ban. If someone would like to use an really good working vpn, the vpn would need to change its IP address, daily and there shouldn’t be to much of traffic on one IP, because this would be suspicious.


The internet has become the biggest source for information in the hole human-history, we need to create an stable law, that is going to save the NetNeutrality, like the freedom of the press, the freedom of the internet. Post, Share and comment this article, if you love NetNeutrality!

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About the author of this article:

Severin is a 16 year`s old swiss boy, that is going to start an apprenticeship as programmer. In his free-time he is programming and he owns websites.

Twitter: @kktvcamnews

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