Small surprises and gifts are always something special in a relationship. If you make a small gift to your partner, you show him that he is important to you.

But in a long-distance relationship with the gifts is not so easy. When you split up many hundreds or even thousands of kilometers, you cannot just hand over a gift to your partner www.pupnpaws.com.

But for you out there are many ways to surprise your partner.

I’ve been thinking for a long time about what my girlfriend would most enjoy and which gifts are also distance-compatible.

Here I have put together my Top5 gifts for the long distance relationship.

  1. The love letter – A very personal gift for the long-distance relationship

Of course, thanks to Whatsapp and Skype, you are always in touch and can be pampered with love messages throughout the day. But there’s nothing like a personally written message in the form of a love letter.

A love letter is the ideal gift for a long-distance relationship. You can send it anywhere and your partner will be very happy because it comes from the heart.

An e-mail you can just type in and send quickly. But a handwritten love letter is something special.

He has a very personal touch and the recipient will realize that there has been a lot of effort.

I always surprise my girlfriend with postcards, which I send out at irregular intervals. Most of the time, a few weeks later (when the card has found its way to Mexico) I get a message from my friend that I’m the best friend in the world.

She is always happy about my little love messages.

I’ve recently come across a page where you can create a very special love letter with cute little messages and gifts, a favorite letter.


  1. Flowers – The classic gift for the girlfriend

Flowers are the ideal gift for the girlfriend. The great thing is that you do not have to deliver flowers directly, but that there are many ways to order and send flowers online.

You can find many different bouquets and other little gifts that you can easily send home to your girlfriend.

How about 12 red roses for the girlfriend for the one-year anniversary, or a beautiful bouquet, just in between. Flowers are magic for women. You cannot go wrong with flowers.

It’s a bit more complicated for me because I do not really trust the post office in Mexico. So I had to find an alternative to florist shipping. Luckily I have contact with my girlfriend’s best friend.

I introduced her a few days before my project and she then bought the flowers directly and placed them in a strategically perfect location. So my friend was surprised to the 1 1/2-jährigen anniversary directly after getting up 18 red roses.


3.baptism: Pure romance

“I’ll give you a star.” This may sound more like a teaser, but you can really make your partner such a romantic gift. A baptism of a star baptizes a true star in the sky that has not yet had a name.

So you can baptize him for your partner and make him a very personal and romantic surprise. There is a beautifully designed certificate and other loving extras.

A star baptism is the ideal long-distance gift, which, while not quite commonplace, will certainly spark a sparkle in the eyes of your partner.


  1. A plot on the moon

Almost as romantic as a star baptism is its own property on the moon . Yes, you can give your partner a moon property with a great view. The gift includes a plot of 1,000 square meters or more and a certificate confirming that your partner is the owner.

If the moon is too boring for you, you can also buy land on Venus or on Mars. All great gift ideas that do not make much effort, but are very romantic and are great for a long distance relationship.

And maybe you can eventually use the property as a retirement home if it gets too crowded here on earth.


  1. Photobook: A gift for couples in love in a long-distance relationship

When you have a long-distance relationship, memories are especially important. Memories of times together where you can embrace each other happily. Memories of traveling together. Memories of the first kiss.

Such memories can be refreshed especially with photos and when looking at you feel the partner back a little closer.

But most of the photos are somewhere on the hard drive or on the iPhone and you often just click through quickly and do not even look at them properly.

A great gift for the long-distance relationship is therefore a self-created photo book with shared photos, your best moments and memories.


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