Custom T-shirts

Designers and clothing brands not only seek quality for their garments, but also originality. That’s why personalized t shirts for couples with pocket are a success.

We offer a wide variety of shirts for designers that you will find in our online catalog of fashion clothes to personalize, where we have selected you:

  • Ecological shirts
  • Vintage shirts
  • Marbled t-shirts
  • Camouflage shirts
  • Two-tone shirts
  • Fitted t-shirts
  • Striped t-shirts
  • Heather sweatshirts
  • Crop tops

The Spanish brand Minimalist trusted us to launch their new collection of t – shirts with printed pocket t shirts for best friends, with several very subtle elegant and minimalist designs that we loved.

For all its new range of printed t – shirts with pocket they chose the Tackle shirt, a garment from the Roly brand that offers quality, originality and an attractive price. They have a very soft touch and medium-high grammage:

In addition, the original Roly label can be easily torn off to print custom labels in serigraphy, a perfect addition for designers who want to start their clothing line and add value to their shirts.

We have expanded our offer to create personalized labels, and you have up to 9 different possibilities to make your printed T-shirts completely unique garments.

The textile screen printing is the preferred method of most print designers. Its high quality guarantees perfect, durable and very fine results, since even the designs with small details and thin lines are great:

Another plus of the screen printing, in addition to its attractive price and luxury results, is that it can be used in any area to customize shirts with pocket: sleeves, nape, side, shoulder.

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