8 Tips to Increase Testosterone

As many of you already know, testosterone is one of the main agents in the creation of muscle mass and is intimately linked with the increase in strength. If you want to look a body ten, we propose natural solutions to increase testosterone levels without risking your health.

Testosterone and training

Long workouts go against the production of testosterone. Beyond the training hour, cortisol levels begin to increase and the body begins to catabolize, affecting muscle tissue.

Drugs and alcohol

Drugs and alcohol are substances that have a very negative effect on the production of testosterone by our body and that cause loss of strength and muscle. Although we can afford to have a drink from time to time, it is something that we must keep to a minimum if we want to increase testosterone levels.

Proteins and amino acids

Proteins and amino acids, serve to increase muscle mass. Diets rich in both nutrients cause the synthesis of anabolic hormones to grow, a fact that increases testosterone.


Stress causes a tremendous decrease in the level of testosterone in our body as a way of saving energy, as it is prepared to react to any threat. A continuous state of stress, causes an increase in catabolic hormones such as cortisol which negatively affects testosterone levels.

Vegetable carbohydrates

Try not to consume complex carbohydrates such as pasta or cereals because they cause our body to release insulin and cortisol. This factor negatively affects the goal of increasing testosterone by our body.

Vegetable carbohydrates are a viable alternative to the intake of the compounds, as it does not adversely affect the creation of testosterone Vigrx plus.

Monitor vitamin C levels

The enzyme aromatase, whose function is to transform testosterone into estrogen, begins to work more actively when we have low levels of vitamin C in our body. Take between 3-4 g of vitamin C before training, reduces cortisol levels after training.

Consumption of natural fat

Low-fat diets are another negative factor in the production of testosterone. Therefore, choosing foods that contain animal fat and Omega 3 will be excellent for increasing testosterone in our body.

Number of meals

Eating regularly and constantly, more than 5 times a day helps to keep cortisol levels under control in our body, allowing us to maintain a constant anabolic state to avoid the loss of muscle mass.

Let us follow these constants in a rigorous and prolonged way, and we will see how our goal to increase testosterone will be fulfilled.

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