The demand for beauty services is booming, more and more people want to have a better appearance and therefore hairdressing tools (Best Hair Clippers 2018) are constantly used for long periods of time. Although the products of our brands stand out for their characteristic of high strength and long durability, if you do not have adequate care in the daily use of these instruments can begin to deteriorate. For this, we want to give you 5 key tips to keep your tools as the first day that came to your hands.


If you have tools of professional brands and leaders in the market should be used as such, knowing the characteristics of each instrument is essential to identify their proper use. For example, each of the German TONDEO scissors has exclusive design, cutting- edge technology and machinery specialized only for haircuts; any other element that is tried to cut with these could mismatch or damage their leaves. In addition, you should avoid keeping them with other elements and letting them fall, because the hairdressing scissors can be damaged immediately when hit.


This is one of the most important tips not only to maintain the good state of the tools but to avoid accidents that harm the people who use them. Any electrical product must always be connected to a wall outlet in good condition, which is not melted or generate electrical shorts and avoid the use of extensions, because if they are not thick enough they can burn and cause short entry into the dryer. This recommendation must be taken into account especially when working with our PARLUX dryers that, due to their power, require a good source of energy for optimal performance.


It is possible that with the rhythm of daily work does not facilitate the immediate cleaning of the tools after each use, but it is very necessary to carry out an adequate cleaning frequently, especially in elements such as hair straighteners that are in direct contact with treatments. Capillaries, heat protectors, dead skin cells, among others, these residues can accumulate and hinder its use. The professional EMIPRO iron does not require any special maintenance, but you should try to keep the plates clean to optimize their benefits to make the hair silky, shiny and manageable.


Some tools such as cutting machines require special care with regard to their blades. Although all WAHL machines are characterized by their efficiency and high precision, the blades can get clogged by the accumulation of small hairs that can cause uneven cuts. Therefore, we recommend cleaning the machine immediately after using it with a small brush and oiling the blade regularly once the loose hairs are removed. Only two or three drops of oil should be placed on the surface and the lever moved several times with the machine turned on. This procedure must be done every three or four cuts.


Finally, this advice is vital to extend the useful life of another important tool of hairdressing, the brushes, these are the ones that are mostly exposed to bacteria or germs present in the hair. In particular, TERMIX professional brushes have a non-stick tube that prevents the accumulation of waste, however, it is recommended to do a constant washing with soap and water, use a sterilizer or spray some type of antibacterial product.

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