5 Amazing Things About Testosterone. See How It Influences Your Career Choice

Testosterone influences the performance of economists more than any other profession. „Business Insider” warns readers that testosterone has some unexpected effects and briefly outlines some of these, citing studies over time on this topic.

Testosterone levels change after a victory or after a defeat

Researchers have found that these changes can look like what a man would do after a defeat. Thus, those who, after having suffered a defeat, increased testosterone levels, were willing to participate again in the competitions. Those who lost, but whose testosterone level had dropped, were no longer willing to try again.

Testosterone affects generosity: more testosterone makes them selfish over men

In a recent study, researchers found that men with a high testosterone level are 27% less generous than foreigners when it comes to money. Men with a lower testosterone level are significantly more generous. You can enhance the strength by Nugenix free trial offer by the producers.

Testosterone increases the need for revenge

A study published by specialists at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in the US showed that testosterone presence in a business negotiation may create a desire for revenge if one of the parties (the one with much testosterone) thinks it’s over .

The study puts men and women with higher levels of testosterone in front of them. The scientists analyzed how they reacted to the negotiations, which made them a disadvantageous offer. The results showed that testosterone subjects almost unanimously responded with an equally disadvantageous offer as a sign of revenge.

The more testosterone you are, the better you are for a financial career

The researchers conducted a study of 500 master students and concluded that the testosterone level, along with the ability to take risks, are indicators in choosing a career in finance. A high level of testosterone pushes you to risk more than a lower level. As risk assumption is very important in financial careers, it has come to the conclusion that a high level of testosterone is an asset.

Men who have children have less testosterone in saliva than those who do not have children

A study of the Royal Society of Biological Sciences in the UK shows that men who have children have lower testosterone levels in saliva than men who do not have children. Testosterone levels differ for unmarried or married men in the same way.

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