4 Simple Things You Can do to Play Golf Better

Here are 4 things that can help you cut 5 or more strokes of your golf score:

  1. Develop a pre-shot routine

A pre-shot routine is more important when you are finishing the last four holes, and you are a little tired best golf gifts. Their concentration tends to waiver. Having a pre-shot routine at this critical time can help you stay focused and not make those silly mistakes that will cost you a few strokes at the end of the round.

A good pre-shot routine will have the following considerations:

  • Environment – what is the lie, the wind speed and direction, type of posture
  • Choose a target – How much is missing for target and where is the problem? (away from the problems of the game)
  • Visualize the shot – see the type of shot, straight, fade, draw
  • Programming your mind to succeed-take practice swings to program your subconscious
  • Pick up intermediate goal – something on the ground about 3 feet of line

Taking a pre-shot routine help you concentrate on putting the ball into play, not trying to hit it hard and not making low percentage shots.

  1. Number of Fairways hit the track

If you play smarter golf and work on hitting more fairways you will become a better player.

For example, in a hole that is 400 yards, all you need is 250 yards to get to the 150 yard marker and you can pair from there. This will definitely help with Par de 5s, because you have to be on the street to have a chance you will do it in two or be in a good position to hit a good shot layup.

Set a goal for fairways How many want to hit and work on hitting fairways and not trying to hit along and often “wrong”.

Tracking fairways blow gives you a goal in each round and it helps that you stay focused on your game plan.

  1. Number of greens in the regulation of the track

Knowing how you can hit green keeps you focused by hitting your irons the correct distance.

Fast sidebar, I played with the boy, who was a very good player.

He could hit his driver between 265-280 yards constantly.

However, he lost almost all of the greens.

It was short, under clubbing in 90% of them.

It’s interesting to see how I almost never see anyone who played with me for a long time in getting close to Green.

I think our ego convinces us that we can hit the club at its maximum distance each time.

Do not hit the club as high as you pass to the center.

Target one more club more for the center / rear of the green mark a good controlled swing.

Hit the green, two putt for par and keep it moving.

You will be surprised how many times you approach the peg that you believe.

Now, if you have a wedge in your hand, ready for the pin, but pair is good and you can

make a birdie or two.

Keeping track of how many greens in regulation you hit will help you develop a goal for practice.

  1. Tracking the number of strokes per round.

Keeping track of the number of strokes per round will help you reduce the number of 3 putts.

If you can avoid 3 putts you can save strokes.

In conclusion, use these four strategies and you will be successful.

This includes having a pre-shot routine, keeping statistics on fairways, greens in the regulation and the number of strokes per round.

While those statistics you will notice a direct relationship between your score and those statistics.

In addition, this will help you focus your practice when you go to the driving range or practice area.

If you are hitting fairways 3 or 4 per side, then you have to work in the forest street.

Maybe you can take 3 wood in the shorter holes for more accuracy.

If you are hitting only 8 greens, then you have to concentrate on your iron work.

This way when you go to the range you have a purpose and a focus not just to go hit the balls.

The only proven and successful way to improve is to know what you have to improve to become a better player.

Playing golf better without knowing where you have to concentrate your efforts is like guessing.

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