10 Golden Reasons to Invest in Land

It is very common that when you decide to invest in real estate your first option is to buy a house or an apartment. However, investing land is a unique opportunity because the demand for land has increased in recent years investing in cryptocurrency.

If you are still not very convinced, we give you 10 golden reasons why you should invest in land if the opportunity presents itself:


  1. Attractive long-term returns

Investments in land are highly profitable, as their value always increases over time.

It has been proven that if the land is located in a good area the growth of the investment rate can be between 12% and 20% per year.

  1. Investment accessible for your pocket and with a high return on investment

Investing in land is relatively cheap: you can buy land with a small capital and without resorting to a bank loan.

The best thing about investing in land is that it allows you to start the path to financial success without risking a huge capital, your money will start working alone, generating a high return on investment and interesting benefits for you and your pocket.

  1. No worries about property wear and tear

Buying a house and then renting it involves a series of expenses, this due to the wear and tear that a property can have : deteriorated paint, damaged pipes, cleaning after a tenant leaves the house, in short, dozens of things that arise over time and that reduce the income of a rent.

  1. Safe long-term profitability

The land begins to generate interesting returns in a period of 5 years onwards , and although the wait may seem long, in the end it will be worth it for the returns that you can receive , especially if you take into account the initial amount you had to pay and the minimal maintenance costs.

  1. Money that works for you

It can be said that land is a business that does not complicate your life because after buying your land, you sit quietly waiting for your money to mature and over time to gain more and more value.

Your land will be in charge of generating money for you and without the need to lift a single finger until the moment you decide to sell.

  1. Easy and safe business to close remotely

If you do a good research you can find a good purchase opportunity without having to visit the land. However, before closing the purchase, check a couple of things to obtain legal certainty:

  • Make sure the person or real estate group you are buying the land from is trustworthy.
  • Verify that the land has a good location and verify the information through the property registry.
  • It requires the signing of a purchase-sale contract and the deed of your land.
  1. Detachment from property, closing of better deals

Being a “piece of land” it is much easier to do business with it, you will never create an emotional bond with the property, as in the case of a house for which it is sought to “be in good hands”.

Emotional attachment to property can prevent you from making a quick and convenient sale.

  1. Almost zero additional expenses

When investing in land you must bear in mind that you will only make an initial outlay, after that the additional expenses are almost nil; there are no bills to pay and the property tax is really low.

In short, if you are looking for an investment that does not require time and money in the long term, then investing in land is an excellent option for you.

  1. The less competition the better business

So that you can sell a property in the planned time and at the price you are looking for, a key factor is the amount of competition you have. In the case of land, competition is quite low, as most people have their sights set on acquiring apartments, houses or commercial properties.

This is because they are unaware of the great benefits of investing in land, which is an advantage for those who decide to invest in land.

  1. Land is a finite product

Owning a piece of land is owning a limited product; no one is making more land to sell.

There will come a time when land prices are very high because there will no longer be space due to population growth and your real estate will be the product with the highest demand.

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